Our experienced lawyers serve retirees and senior citizens by advising on legal matters related to specific activities or circumstances. 

At Boverry, we have a solid understanding of the issues faced by aging individuals and the rights afforded to them by law.

Our approach

Initially, we will meet at our offices or at your residence (in Greater Montreal) and discuss (free of charge) your concerns or the relevant issues. If the matter is within our competences, we then agree on the fee formula most suitable to you: fix price, percentage of amounts claimed (if applicable) or hourly rate.

If the question is outside our practice, knowing the legal milieu, we can recommend an expert in the relevant field. It is to our benefit to indicate a diligent and experienced professional with a reasonable fee structure.

Our services

  • Wills
  • Mandates given in anticipation of incapacity
  • End of life instructions (avoid relentless and useless care)
  • Counsel to liquidators of successions
  • Protective supervision of persons of the full age: tutorship, curatorship to persons and/or patrimony, advisor to the persons of the full age
  • Assistance and recommendations concerning Small Claims Court’s demands or defenses
  • Maintenance at home (tax advantages), continuation of lease
  • Registered Disability Savings Plans
  • Help to recover lost or stolen passport while travelling abroad
  • What to do with driving/parking tickets  given outside of Quebec; information on collection agreements between Quebec and other jurisdictions;
  • Help in case of financial, physical or psychological abuse (harassment and other forms of abuse)
  • Access to medical file
  • Time-sharing matters
  • Estate trusts and trusts for the benefit of a close parent or a child with a handicap


Serge Bourque

(514) 949-8445

Serge Bourque has a law degree of  University of Ottawa and a doctorate of economics of University of Caen (France). He has acquired knowledge and experience in various fields related to the laws concerning retired and elderly persons. He worked at Metropolitan Life Company and thereby became familiar with insurance matters, appointment of beneficiaries and the public and private retirement regimes. In private practice he represented Trust Général du Canada and got expertise in the law of successions, wills and problems related to liquidation. He is a member of the retirement committees of several businesses and institutions. He is a member of the FADOQ network (Quebec federation of seniors). He has been associated with Stikeman, Elliott and with Lavery de Billy.

Pierre d'Etcheverry

(514) 952-3078

Pierre d’Etcheverry is a Bachelor of Arts of University of Sherbrooke, obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Law degree at University of Sherbrooke. During his career, he practiced law at the firm Byers Casgrain (now known as Denton’s LLP). He was chief counsel for the Province of Quebec of the Royal Bank of Canada for a long period and came back to private practice to work with the major firms Borden Ladner Gervais and Lavery de Billy.


Address of the firm:
4604, Wilson Avenue 
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H4A 2V4

Tel: 514 952-3078

* Note: In the Greater Montreal Area, we can provide consultations and provide services at your home