Fines and tickets when travelling abroad

Few of us travelling and driving abroad have not received speed or parking tickets. A question arises in your mind. Should you pay  the ticket ?  It depends.

In principle, you should abide by the law of the country and pay the fines.


Canada & U.S.A.:

If  the incident  happened in another Province or in certain States in the U.S.A., New York, Maine, Florida, keep in mind that these jurisdictions have agreements with Quebec under which your driving permit will not be recognized in these  States should you omit to pay the fine and vice-versa.

In the case of other States without these agreements, if you fail to pay or contest and you are arrested later on for one reason or another, your lack of memory may be costly. Preferable to pay.


Most European countries: France, Great Britain, Germany,etc., have sound regulations which are applied rationnally. The ticket is usually well founded and you should comply with it, unless you believe that it was not justified and you are pretty sure that you will not drive again in this country.


Eastern countries:

In Eastern countries, unfortunately, traffic offenses are often a disguise for taxes and with a strong bias towards tourists.

Exercise your best judgment as to wheter the fine was warranted and avoid paying it if it was  outrageous. 


South American & Africa:

The same reasoning applies to South American countries and most countries in Africa where the rule of law  is sometimes dubious. Some fines are imposed to boost the agents income.

In summary:

In North America best to pay or contest, in Western Europe also. In other parts of the world use your judgment. You should not be abused by pseudo infractions.

If you face such a dilemna, BOVERRY, ATTORNEYS  may be of help in assessing the risks involved.

( These comments do not constitute a legal opinion)